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What are "shared resources"?

Networks must be able to identify resources present within the network – including skills, talents, experiences, access and money. They must also be able to manage resources and apply network assets to coordinated tasks.

parrots sharing food.

Examples of network resources

Building a culture of shared resources: action steps

  • Map resources that exist within the network. Share with members.
  • Assess which skills and resources are necessary for the network.
  • Expose available skills to network members, for example through directories and online tools like blogs and [[RSS|RSS]. Ask members to contribute skills to these resources.
  • Create opportunities for network members to expose, offer and take resources. Share experiences, successes and work through listservs, happy hours, newsletters, events, etc.
  • Develop materials collaboratively using platforms like wikis and Google Docs, giving members the opportunity to identify and share resources.
  • Create a network "weaver" to connect members and resources.
  • Develop targeted materials for specific needs and functions, for example: acronym wiki for new hires, funder directory for a particular field, legislative history of a specific issue.
  • Have members train each other in necessary skills.
  • WHAT ELSE? Add your ideas to this list!

What network resources exist? Are they shared? What to explore and ask

  • What resources exist in the network?
  • What resources are missing from the network?
  • Do network members and leaders know which resources are present?
  • Do network members share resources? What, when and how?
  • Do network members receive resources from others? What, when and how?
  • What information is most valuable to network members?
  • How often do network members provide feedback to colleagues on a strategy or proposal?
  • Are resources somehow archived? Can new members easily catch up to speed?
  • Does the network use online networking tools like blogs or wikis to gather, share and comment on resources? How many network members are familiar with these tools?
  • Who are the sages/experienced actors?
  • Who brings new ideas to the community?
  • Who connects members with eachother? Is there a paid "network weaver"?
  • Evaluation tools
  • WHAT ELSE? Add your ideas to this list!
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Examples of networks with strong common stories

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